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Welcome to UpayPerCall.com, the fastest growing company in our industry.

The UpayPerCall advanced call-back technology was developed by our founders, when our company learned that advertising on the major search engines were just clicks, while we are interested in more calls.


We are here to provide an alternative online advertising solution, that can be verified by valid calls rather than by ambigous clicks.

We have the missing link that translates clicks to an overwhelming number of inbound calls.

Pay-per-click has proven to be a difficult advertising medium particularly for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs).

  • It is expensive. As a result, it gives a poor return to your already constrained advertisement budget.
  • Pay-per-click requires constant monitoring "baby sitting" of your campaign due to the very competitive bidding process.
  • It requires an internet savvy user to manage the ad.
  • Pay-per-click requires that you have a web-site. You can participate in our pay-per-call campaign even without a web site.
  • There is lack of accountability on the search engine company side to show whether the advertiser is paying for a true valid click.

UPayPerCall.com operates using its own patent pending technologies, our own data center, and back-end IP infrastructures.

For questions about our products or services please call us...



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UpayPerCall: Industry leader in pay per call advertising technology. Our pay per call advertising platform enables businesses and publishers to receive calls from customers via banner ad, click to connect and proprietary pay per call technology. Pay per call advertising delivers targeted phone leads to business through online advertising. Pay per call is the ultimate alternative to online advertising.

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