"PPC-Banner" - Energize your banner-ad with our pay-per-call technology.

Our Pay-Per-Call Banner Ads ("PPC Banner Ads") will allow advertisers to get an effective result from their banner advertising campaign. Deliver your message via the banner ad and bring the customer to your phone rather than to a web site..

If you are a marketing agency or a banner-ad promoter, this solution is right for you.

Here is how it works

  • Place our one line HTML script in your banner ad.
  • Prospect clicks the banner ad.
  • A screen pops to allow prospect to enter his/her phone number.
  • Prospect enters a phone number that he/she can be reached at.
  • Our proprietary telephony technology calls the prospect within few seconds.
  • Prospect answers to our "Welcome greetings" while the system calls the advertiser.
  • Advertiser answers the call to speak with the prospect.
  • Each call from each banner ad is tracked and reported to you on daily basis.


  • $1.50 per call.
  • No monthly fee.
  • Start with as low as 300 minimum call blocks.
  • We will customize your set-up fee based on your monthly call blocks.



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UpayPerCall: Industry leader in pay per call advertising technology. Our pay per call advertising platform enables businesses and publishers to receive calls from customers via banner ad, click to connect and proprietary pay per call technology. Pay per call advertising delivers targeted phone leads to business through online advertising. Pay per call is the ultimate alternative to online advertising.

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